First of all: Thank you for contributing to Winter Jump! Arranging Winter Jump would be impossible without you!

We need help with all sorts of tasks during the festival: such as registration, baking, tidying, and rigging the venue. Can you help us out?

You are welcome to sign up for as many tasks as you want. None of the tasks will interfere with classes. We will contact you with more details closer to the event.

Please note that volunteers are not compensated, and that volunteering does not give you entry to classes or parties. Therefore most of our volunteers are people with festival passes who want to lend a hand.

Volunteer points and the volunteer lottery
When you volunteer for tasks at Winter Jump you recieve volunteer points. The more tasks you sign up for and complete, the more points you gather.

Each point is a ticket in our Volunteer lottery. During the festival one volunteer will receive a free full pass for Winter Jump in 2024!

So the more you help, the more points you will recieve and the greater the chances of winning!

Sign up as a volunteer!


Do you have a spare bed, sofa or inflatable mattress? Would you like to help us host some of our wonderful visiting dancers?

When you volunteer to host, you invite one or more dancers from another city or country to stay in your home during Winter Jump (Thursday to Sunday).

Dancers are friendly people, and you do not have to offer anything fancy. An inflatable mattress in the living room is more than enough. If you have the posibility to show your guest the way to the venues and the closest super market, that would also be great.

Hosts are not expected to provide guests with food, but talk to your guests about the logistics and agree on an arrangement that works for all of you.

To volunteer as a host, please join the facebook group for hosting and write a short post. You should specify what facilities you can offer, how many people you can host, where you live and if you have any pets.

Hosting fellow dancers is definitely a great way to make friends in the community, and maybe next time there will be a bed for you in another city?

Once you have confirmed that you are hosting someone, you can send us an email and say ”I am hosting”, and we will note you down for a ticket in our volunteer lottery – where you can win a full pass to Winter Jump 2024.

Volunteer as a host!