Welcome to Oslo

Getting here

First, you need to google OSLO, Norway and find out which type of transportation is most suitable for you. Pro tip: If you need to fly, Norwegian, Flyr and SAS often have tickets on sale. If you are taking the bus or the train, we’re gonna assume that you are pretty Norway-savvy and know where to get tickets from your hometown, so we won’t cover that here – but if you do need help – pop us an email.

When you’ve arrived, you’ll likely want to get to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S/Jernbanetorget). If you’re arriving by bus or train, this should be a cake in the park. If you arrive by plane, here’s what you do:

Gardermoen airport

Fast and easy
Take the airport express train (Flytoget) It departs to Oslo S every 10. minutes most of the day. Early morning/late evening it departs every 20. minutes.

Buy a ticket on a big orange ticket-box, normal adult tickets are 210 NOK, while student or senior tickets (67 years and above) are half price. If you want a regular ticket, you can also just swipe your credit card when you pass the gates, press the “Oslo S”-station, and you will be charged for 1 adult.

Take a regular Vy train. They don’t run as often and take a few minutes longer, but they only cost 114 NOK. Senior tickets (67 years and above) are half price. Buy your ticket on the grey/red boxes, or use the Vy app. You can take L12 Kongsberg, R10 Drammen or R11 Skien.

You can also take the airport busses (Flybussen), which can be especially handy if you dont live in the city centre, as they cover different routes and have more stops. Adult tickets are 209 NOK, student and senior tickets are 129 NOK. Note that prices are higher if you buy the tickets on the buss. Tickets can be prebought on their webpage. As the tickets are flexible and can also be used on later departures, this can be a handy option if you want to buy the tickets in advance and not be stress out if your plane is delayed.

Going directly
If you’re a hard core lindy-traveller going straight from the airport to the party – you should look for trains that go all the way to Nationaltheatret, which is a 5 min walk from most our venues. For the Vy trains – all the above mentioned lines should go to Nationaltheatret. For Flytoget you want to choose the lines with Drammen as the final destination.

Torp airport

Torp airport is located further away from Oslo (even if the airlines will tell you it is also an Oslo airport). The VY train service from Torp takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. This includes a shuttle buss from the airport to the train station.

The train tickets are approximately 300 NOK (depending on demand) from Sandefjord lufthavn Torp to Oslo S, route R11 Eidsvoll. Senior tickets (67 years and above) are half price. Tickets can be cheaper when bought well in advance.

You can also take the Torp express buss , which takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes. Adult tickets start at 299 NOK, student tickets at 219 NOK and senior tickets at 149 NOK. Tickets can be prebought online.

If you are not sure which route is optimal for where you are staying, we recommend using Google maps to compare the different options.

Getting around

So far, so good – you’ve arrived at Oslo S. Where to go from here depends on when you get here and where you want to go. We’ve created this Google Map with the Winter Jump Venues hopefully that’s helpful.

Public transport

Ruter # (the public transport company in Oslo) can help you get around just about anywhere in Oslo, by tram, metro, buss or boat. Make sure to buy a ticket in advance. Download the Ruter app for iPhone or Android and register a payment method before you arrive. You can plan your trip in the app, or use the Google maps app which is also linked to the public transport system and will be helpful for finding your way around.

Single fare: 39 NOK, 24 hour pass: 117 NOK, 7-day pass: 323 NOK. These prices are for the inner city zone. Senior (over 67) and youth (under 20) tickets are half price. Note that these tickets are not valid to and from the airport.


If you’re feeling fancy (or lazy) you can always grab a cab. We recommend Oslo Taxi. Call +47 02323 or +47 22388090, or you can download their app: TaxiFix!

Other taxi companies:
Christiania Taxi: +47 02365
Norgestaxi: +47 08000
Note that the there is a standard airport fare.

Stops close to our venues

St. Olavs plass; bus 37
Holbergs plass Tram 17, 18 19
Nationaltheatret; Tram 11, 13 + Subway (any line)
Nordahl Bruns gate; Bus 37


There are many places to stay in Oslo: hotels, hostels and Airbnbs.
We currently don’t have a specific hotel deal, but the well named Clarion Savoy hotel is just around the corner from BLS, as are a number of other hotels.

If you would like to stay with a local, we have arranged this Facebook group where you can connect with local dancers who offer hosting in their homes during the event. Feel free to write a post in the group if you are looking for a place to stay.


We will not be serving lunch. There are however plenty of cafes, restaurants and super markets near our venues. We have made a Google map with some suggestions in the area, see below. We also recommend this site to find restaurants:

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.13.10

Please note: Most shops are closed on Sundays, including supermarkets. Take-away restaurants, kiosks and restaurants will normally be open, but might have limited opening hours. Check before traveling far!

If you are on a budget and want to experience a true Norwegian tradition, we stumbled upon this page describing the wonderful art of matpakke. You can get coffee and tea in the BLS lunch area.

PS: The BLS lunch area might get very crowded during lunchtime. Please be considerate, and dispose of your trash properly. We will provide bins and garbage bags.

Things to do

Well, except dancing.


Oslo is great. If you have some free time while you’re here, some of our personal favourites are:

  • Visit Frognerparken/Vigelandsparken – a park full of statues of naked people.
  • Have a look at The Opera House – inside and outside. And also the neighbouring Deichman library and new Munch museum.
  • Get out of the centre and check out the epic view from Holmenkollen or rent a sleigh and sleigh the two kilometer hill Korketrekkeren down from Frognerseteren.
  • Walk around at Akershus festning or check out the new National museeum or Nobel peace museum at Aker Brygge.
  • Hang out in hipster-joints and go vintage-shopping at Grünerløkka.
  • Try out the saunas at Salt and cool down with a bath in the Oslo fjord.
  • Bring your skiis, and try one of a multitude of skiing routes close to the city.

    You can also check out these sites: