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    Make sure you read the level descriptions and rules/need-to-knows. Then go ahead and sign up! You should receive an e-mail with your registration info within 24 hours. If you don’t receive an e-mail, please contact us.

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    Wait for confirmation

    Your registration need to be processed before we can confirm that we can offer you a spot. Once we’ve processed your registration you will know if a spot is available, or if you’ve been placed on the waiting list. When a spot is confirmed, you will receive a new e-mail. Follow the link in the e-mail to complete the payment. Your spot is not secure before you’ve completed your payment.

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    Make your payment

    You have 7 days to complete your payment, or your booking will be subject to cancellation. Follow the link in your confirmation e-mail. After paying, you should receive a final e-mail confirming the payment.

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    See you in February!

Important need-to-knows

Signing up with a partner

A lead and follow may sign up as a couple. You both need to sign up for the same level and pass type. A person on the waiting list can not have someone already registered be their partner, they need to find a new person to register with their name in the partner field.

Waiting list/queue

There are several reasons why your registration may initially be put on a waiting list, so don’t panic:

  • The lead/follow balance may be a bit off, and we need to wait for more registrations to be able to let you in
  • You signed up with a partner, and he/she hasn’t registered yet
  • The level may be full

Selling your pass

We have a no-refund policy, but you are allowed to sell (or give away) your pass, under few conditions:

  • The new participant can not change role or level
  • When selling your pass, you need to let us know to avoid confusion and trouble at the registration desk
  • The absolute last date for changing the owner of a pass is February 17th. We will not accept changes done after this date

Private hosting

To request private hosting, you need to send an email to: hosting@winterjump.com More information here: Private hosting

Limited availability!
Unfortunately workshop passes for all levels and regular party passes (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) are now completely sold out. But, we still have a limited amount of single night tickets for the Friday and Saturday parties, which you can purchase below. Provided that the lead/follow balance can be maintained. There will not be any tickets sold at the door.


NOK  450

  • 1 smashing party
Friday, I choose you!


NOK  450

  • 1 smashing party
Saturday I choose you!


Level description You have been dancing Lindy hop for at least six months and know the basic steps, as well as the swing out, circle, side by side charleston and a few patterns.
Level description You have a strong grasp of your basics, and have been working on your lead-follow connection through social dancing. You are familiar with terms like connection, musicality and improvisation. You are interested to add new moves to your repertoire, but also work on your fundamental technique and style. The higher level dancers are comfortable dancing at all tempos, have probably taken classes with a number of different teachers, and maybe even some weekend workshops or private lessons.
Level description These three groups will consist of experienced dancers who have attended several international workshops already. If you sign up for these three groups you are ready for a quicker and more challenging teaching pace. You have a clear idea of what you need to work on in order to improve your dancing, and you are ready to put in that extra work to become the best. The top level of these three groups will be accompanied by some of our concept teachers.

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