Winter Jump offers solo jazz and Lindy Hop tracks with 8 hours of workshop classes, several concept classes and a culture talk. The Lindy Hop track has 6 levels. The solo jazz track has one level, and some of the main teachers will be teaching the solo jazz classes (in addition to Lindy Hop classes).




The class venues are all within walking distance. BUL is about 500 meters away from BLS and Treningshuset.

  • BLS

    Nordahl Bruns gate 22

  • Treningshuset

    St. Olavs Gate 25

  • BUL

    Rosenkrantz' gate 8


Concept Class Descriptions

Concept classes
Please note that concept classes are only for full pass holders (except for the bouncing babies class and tap dance class which are for family pass holders too).
Liane & Rija 1 - Musicality class

Open level 

Swing music is the core of Lindy hop. It makes us move and feel in rhythm. We will explore how to listen and interpret the different jazz styles, feels and grooves through micro and macro musicality.

Liane & Rija 2 - Slow Lindy

Open level 

Lindy hop is known for its rhythm and dynamic energy on fast tempos but it is also a very expressive dance when it comes to slower tempos. We will explore tricks and shiny moves to feel comfortable even when the tempo gets slow!

Liane & Rija 3 - Pimp your Charleston

Intermediate/advanced level ❤️♾️⭕️

In this class, we will learn a cool Charleston combo, inspired by classic moves from the soundies and old clips.

Gunnhild & Ruben 1 - Fead and Lollow

Open level 

Switching! In this class we will be exploring some fun and smooth ways to change the roles between leader and follower on the social floor!

Gunnhild & Ruben 2 - Flashy Figures

Open level 

In this lesson we will explore some fun and playful figures/movements to add to your repertoire. We will learn both how to invite for the figures/movements from a leader’s perspective, and at the same time how to style them and make them your own from a follower’s perspective.

Gunnhild & Ruben 3 - Spicy steps

Open level

Looking for ways to spice up your steps? In this class we will be exploring some spicy and rhythmical step variations - to put into your Lindy Hop basics such as the swing out, change of place and sugar push!

Hip Hop with Yurleyley

Open level

Hip Hop is a subculture, lifestyle and artform that originates from Black American culture. It encompasses music, clothes, graffiti, DJing and MCing in addition to dancing. This class will focus on basic elements such as bounce, groove, basic-steps from the Hip Hop dance. And most importantly having fun! Come get your groove on in this intro class!

Afrofusion with Freddy

Open level

Add some sugar, spice and everything nice! Freddy Milanya will take you back to the roots of Lindy Hop by giving you a take on modern African street dance. Afrofusion serves a unique mix of various dance styles originating from the African continent, with a strong focus on rhythmical variations. Get ready to move and express!

Introduction to Tap Dance with T.J. Jazz

Open level

Get ready for rhythms and happy feet in this intro class! We’ll learn a few key steps to help us dance and play with a simple rhythmic combination. Being the first of the jazz dances, all moving and rhythm making will be done a cappella and in relation to standard Jazz and blues musical concepts. The main requirement is the desire to share and play with rhythms! Come as you are, no tap shoes needed! (Although we recommend hard soled (so you can hear yourself) and with no grip so that you are able to slide or glide on the floor easily. But if all you have is socks - acceptable as well!)

Bouncin’ Babies

A parent friendly Lindy Hop class with Elze and Peter. This class is for the Family Pass holders, but also Full Pass holders with kids. Party Pass holders with kids can buy a ticket for the class at the reception (200 NOK). Bring your kids and come dance with us!

DJ workshop with Christophe

Only for people with DJ experience 

Christophe Chalot will talk about his passion for DJing and share tips and tricks. In this workshop you will be asked to share and exchange thoughts and ideas about DJing for swing/jazz dancers. You are encouraged to bring any relevant issues to this workshop, such as questions about equipment and technical aspects, music, genres, building a music library, planning a DJ set, reading the room, balancing playing popular songs vs challenging the dancers. Bring your questions and thoughts and settle in for useful tips and tricks!

Culture talk

Dr. Marie N’diaye will lead a conversation with Ursula Hicks, Katie Cobalt and Felipe Braga addressing perspectives on culture and how Lindy Hop has evolved, the current situation in the international Lindy Hop scene and how we can create more inclusive and diverse local Lindy Hop communities.




Winter Jump will not have auditions this year! Why? 

We believe that the dance sometimes becomes too hierarchical, and in our experience auditions can lead to a lot of uncertainty and discouragement among participants and organizers. We want to see changes in this culture by trying out an audition free festival this year.




Levels are always a challenge. Where do I place myself? How do I know what I master and not? 

We want to emphasize that level placement is not a way of validating you as a dancer or person. You are an awesome person and dancer no matter what level you sign up for! And we believe that all dancers can benefit from training and social dancing with each other, no matter what level they are at.

We expect honesty from you when signing up. We believe it is better to sign up at a level where you can master all aspects of the level descriptions. This way the teachers can plan for the best possible output of the class. 

We trust that you read the level descriptions thoroughly and choose wisely. Please make sure you sign up for the level you feel is the best fit for you. If you are not sure what level to register for, you can ask your local teachers or regular dance partner about their opinion. There will be very limited chances of changing the level during the festival.

Level descriptions
👑 I keep dancing on my own (Solo jazz)

You have been taking solo jazz classes before, and know classic jazz steps such as Tackie Annie, Half break, Full breaks, Fall of the log, Applejacks, Suzie Q etc. You feel comfortable learning pieces of choreography, and would like to work on body awareness, movement through space, improvisation, styling and rhythm variations. You would like some more guidance on bringing your personal style and taste into your solo dancing.

🔥 Crushing on Lindy Hop

You recently started dancing and feel excited to go to your first international swing dance event. You are familiar with triple steps, groove walks and some basic figures such as Lindy Circle, I go - you go, Tuck turn and Swing Out. You can’t wait to learn new skills and dance as much as possible!

☀️ Dating Lindy Hop

You are starting to fall in love with Lindy Hop, and feel ready to take it further. You know the basics, such as Tuck turn, Swing Out, Circle, and Charleston/Kick steps. You can dance 6 counts and 8 counts in the same song without a problem. Sometimes you might feel uncertain on the dance floor, and find it challenging to dance to fast tempos on a crowded floor. You need some guidance to grow further, and can’t wait to learn from the amazing teachers at the festival.

⭐️ Crazy in love with Lindy Hop

You are absolutely in love with Lindy Hop, and want to learn all there is to know! You're familiar with most of the basic vocabulary, but some pieces are missing. You're still searching to expand your knowledge on basics, but you are eager to learn new moves too. You need more guidance around body awareness and improvisation, but you're ready to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You have probably been to dance festivals before, and had such a great time, so you really can’t wait for Winter Jump!

❤️ In a relationship with Lindy Hop

You are an active dancer in your scene and have been to several international dance events before. You are comfortable with learning new material quickly and without much explanation. You are happy to look at the teachers executing a move, and then try it yourself without further explanation. You have probably watched your own dancing on video and are committed to growing as a dancer. You would like to feel more comfortable around improvisation, work on rhythms and refining your technique.

♾️ Lifelong partner with Lindy Hop

You have been dancing for a long time, and appreciate working on the small details. You might be a local teacher and/or travel to international dance events regularly. You probably practise concepts, moves and styles on your own. You feel very comfortable improvising, playing with rhythms, making musical choices and reacting to phrasing and dynamics in the music, and you would like to work more on various techniques and bringing your own personality into the dance. You highly appreciate the social aspects of Lindy Hop, and are motivated by working on communication with your dance partners.

⭕️ Married to Lindy Hop

You travel to international dance events regularly, take part in competitions and you are probably one of the more experienced teachers in your local community. You regularly practice dance on your own, and you are aware of the choices you make when you dance and what you bring into the dance of your own personality. You are an active contributor in your dance scene by taking part in jam circles, performing and competing. You love to show off your new moves and share your dancing with others.



Full pass

All the classes and all the parties!

  • 8 hours of solo jazz or lindy hop classes
  • Access to all concept classes
  • Culture talk
  • Four parties

2200 NOK*

*Earlybird price for the 30 first registrations, 2000 NOK

Family pass

The Family pass includes a ticket to the two parties on Friday and Saturday, one baby-friendly class on Saturday at 12:00-13:00, and the culture talk at 13:10 on Saturday. The family pass can be shared between two parents (but only one can attend the parties at a time). You only need to register once,  and write the second person’s name under "partner".

  • Friday and Saturday parties
  • Bouncing babies class
  • Culture talk and tap dance class

1100 NOK

Party pass

Pre-party on Thursday, two big parties with great live music Friday and Saturday, and a cozy farewell-tea-dance on Sunday.

  • Four parties

1100 NOK

Duo party pass

Two parties at Samfunnssalen with great live music, performances, and social dancing.

  • Friday and Saturday parties

900 NOK