Auditions (levels B through F)
Please note that auditions happen first thing Friday morning. See more info about audition below.



Winter Jump 2023 classes will have 6 levels, starting on beginners/intermediate, going to infinity and beyond. All Lindy Hop. All awesome. Some groups will be split by audition.


You have been dancing Lindy hop for at least six months and know the basic steps, as well as the swing out, circle, side by side charleston and a few patterns.

B and C (split by audition)

You have a strong grasp of your basics, and have been working on your lead-follow connection through social dancing. You are familiar with terms like connection, musicality and improvisation. You are interested in adding new moves to your repertoire, but also work on your fundamental technique and style. The higher level dancers are comfortable dancing at all tempos, have probably taken classes with a number of different teachers, and maybe even some weekend workshops or private lessons.

D, E and F (split by audition)

These three groups will consist of experienced dancers who have attended several international workshops already. If you sign up for these three groups you are ready for a quicker and more challenging teaching pace. You have a clear idea of what you need to work on in order to improve your dancing, and you are ready to put in that extra work to learn new stuff and become the best dancer you can be. The top level of these three groups will be accompanied by some of our concept teachers.

Changing levels

There will be very limited possibilities to change levels, both up and down. We want to keep a good lead/follow ratio, and keep the groups at a reasonable size. So please read the level descriptions carefully and choose wisely.




The level at an international camp is very unpredictable, and auditions help to get more even groups, which create a better learning environment. At the audition you will be asked to social dance with different people who signed up for the same level, and the teachers will assign you in groups with roughly the same dance level. We know a lot of people don’t like auditions, but you’ll be fine, we promise! Just stick to the basics, smile, relax and have fun. We provide hugs and reassuring smiles for those who need them. 🙂

If you cannot attend the audition, you will be placed at the lowest level within the group you registered for.


Class Venues

  • BLS / Bygdelagssamskipnaden

    Nordahl Bruns gate 22

  • Treningshuset

    St. Olavs Gate 25

  • BUL / Bondeungdomslaget

    Rosenkrantz’ gate 8